Park Avenue Pharmacy is located in Chambersburg on Park Avenue, the widest street in Chambersburg! We hope you find this website helpful and wish to provide you with a resource in which you may check back for updates concerning weekly specials, important events, and coupons. Thank you for visiting, we look forward to seeing you soon!

WE HAVE A FULL SUPPLY OF FLU SHOTS! Stop in anytime and get yours sooner rather than later! We stock the standard flu shot, the quad, the high dose and one for those patients who are allergic to eggs. We also have pneumonia and shingles vaccines!

Now Open …An Upstairs Fitting at Park Ave Pharmacy.  See our link on this page! Certified Breast Prosthetic Fittings, apparel, and accessories.  Renovations have revealed a beautiful, private fitting area on the second floor of Park Ave Pharmacy, as well as a retail shop for all women to browse.  We will have a large selection of bras, camisoles, sleepwear, loungewear, lingerie, swimwear and head coverings.  Our certified fitters, Dixie Schreiber, Board Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Suzanne Foley, Mastectomy Fitter and Stephanie Johnson, Mastectomy Fitter will be providing fittings by appointment only.